Do You Know What an Independent Living Community Is?

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Are you confused when you hear the terms assisted living and independent living? Are they different terms from senior housing or a retirement community? If you’ve always assumed they were the same thing, it’s time you learned a little more!

Today, we’re going to clear up the differences and let you know if independent living could be right for you.

What Exactly Is Independent Living?

Independent living communities are commonly referred to as retirement communities. These communities are a great fit for seniors who have no major health concerns. They’re fairly active, able to continue to live alone, and perform most of their own daily tasks. However, they also appreciate having meals prepared for them and access to other on-site amenities.

So, How Does That Differ from Assisted Living?

Assisted living offers the same general benefits, but is generally meant for someone who has significant health or movement concerns. They, therefore, require more medical care and attention than someone living in an independent living community.

How Do I Know If Independent Living Is Right for Me?

Moving into an independent living community is a very personal decision, and people make the choice to move for many reasons. A few of the reasons people give us are that:

  • their current homes a bit big for just them,
  • tasks like vacuuming and laundry are becoming harder to complete,
  • keeping up with yard work and gardening is becoming too hard,
  • cooking nutritious meals for themselves daily is proving to be a bit of a chore,
  • driving is becoming a hassle and would prefer to have everything they need close by, and
  • they’re looking for a strong sense of community and support.

What Type of Services Does Independent Living Offer?

The types of services independent living offers will likely differ depending on the home. Generally, you can expect to receive nutritious meals prepared for you, access to transportation, light housekeeping on your suite, and some laundry service.

You’ll also have access to a strong social support network from the other residents and staff. You’ll have a huge variety of recreation of all levels, as well as a variety of arts, crafts, and other entertainment. It’s totally up to you how much, and when, you choose to participate.

Most independent living communities offer a strong sense of security. You’re free to come and go as you please, and each suite is secure, however, the doors are password protected and all rooms are equipped with call buttons that you can use for any sort of emergency.

And although most people who live in independent living communities are still very mentally and physically capable, you’ll still find easy access to medical services, health information, and care on-site.

Have Any More Questions?

At Trillium Communities, we offer a variety of levels of housing for seniors, including independent living. We’re more than happy to answer any further questions you may have.

Contact us today for more information, or to book a tour of one or more of our beautiful locations.

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