Long Term Care

Professional Care

At the heart of what we do at Trillium, Long Term Care is designed to meet complex medical and cognitive healthcare needs. Long Term Care provides professional healthcare and supervision 24/7.


Personalized Care

Meeting Unique Needs

Every resident has unique needs that require a deeply personalized approach. Our team of healthcare and medical professionals collaborate to ensure each resident’s care plan is specific to their needs and evolves as their care needs change. 

Culinary Excellence

Meals That Nourish and Inspire

Since nutrition plays such an important role in health and wellbeing, our registered dietitian ensures that every resident enjoys delicious meals that meet their unique nutritional and dietary requirements.


Life Enrichment

Resident Engagement

Our therapeutic recreation programming is designed to meet the physical, spiritual and social needs of our Long Term Care residents. 

Medical & Personal Care

  • Dementia Care
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    Dementia refers to loss of memory and other mental faculties caused by changes in the brain. Dementia Care programming focuses on understanding the story of your loved one’s life so we can come alongside and support them as required. Dedicated to maintaining the individuality and dignity of all our residents, our professional caregivers design personalized care plans with multi-sensory experiences to support their unique needs, from exercise and outings to music and pet therapy.

  • In-House Physicians
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    Our Medical Director and on-site physicians specialize in gerontology and ensure your loved one’s complex medical needs are met.

  • Skin Care
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    Our professional care team utilizes advanced techniques and tools to prevent skin breakdown and protect skin integrity.

  • Foot and Nail Care
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    We care for our residents from head to toe so nail and foot care needs and preferences are documented upon admission. We also offer nail care via our additional services, which can be arranged for an extra fee.

  • Hair Care
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    Hair washing and styling preferences are documented upon admission with a number of our homes featuring in-house salons for an added personal touch. We want our residents looking and feeling their best.

  • Security
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    The safety of our residents is our number one priority. All our homes are equipped with emergency response systems, and safe visiting protocols are in place.

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