Independent Living

Independent living is all about empowering residents to live their lives in wellness and vitality. We support their continued health with nutritious meals and encourage them to come and go at their convenience, whether they’re off to visit family and friends or staying in to partake in planned activities. We like to free our residents from the monotony of cooking, housekeeping and laundry so they can better enjoy their lives.

Our Services


We support your loved one’s nutrition and health from a holistic and preventative perspective, catering to their dietary needs, likes and dislikes, and any special requests.

By working with your loved one’s health history and our accommodating kitchens, we can better prevent malnutrition and other ailments arising from a nutrient-deficient diet.


We’re proud to provide a robust activities schedule for our residents, offering them various programs and events to keep their minds and bodies active throughout the changing seasons.

Our activities, groups and programs run the gamut, from arts and crafts, cards and board games to exercise classes, movie matinees and outings. Special interest groups abound, from holiday decorating and sing-a-longs to gardening and flower arranging.


In an effort to free our residents from the responsibility of everyday chores, our staff perform light housekeeping daily and a thorough, floors-to-ceilings clean weekly to ensure your loved one’s space is well cared for and comfortable.


Depending on the home, our laundry service differs; however, all Independent Living homes include a minimum of flat laundry service (sheets and towels). For those that do not offer personal laundry service, we’re happy to coordinate it at an additional charge.


All doors, elevators and stairwells in our homes are password-protected to ensure the safety of residents and visitors coming and going, and all rooms are equipped with emergency call systems.

Our Independent Living Homes