7 Surprising Activities You’ll Find in Our Homes

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Retirement communities have been victims of negative stereotypes thanks to TV and movies. A lot of people might picture retirement homes as boring places. And trust us, our homes are far from boring!

Here are seven activities you might not have expected to find in our communities!

Discovering New Hobbies

Many of our homes feature clubs and activities to help you discover a new favourite hobby or reignite your passion for an old one! From baking and cooking to knitting and gardening, there’s something for everyone to try. Get your hands dirty trying out a new recipe, or discover your love of painting!

Happy Hour!

Who doesn’t love a good happy hour? You can grab a drink and chat with your fellow residents during our community happy hours! Want to get in touch with your hobbies and enjoy a drink? Our sip and paint art nights give you the best of both worlds with a painting lesson and a drink — because we all deserve a drink!

Dance Parties

You might not think we’d be having dance parties because of how they show retirement communities on TV and in movies. But we do all we can to keep moving and grooving! You can expect to have your hands clapping and your hips shaking in our homes.

Live Music

Live music goes hand-in-hand with our love for dancing! Nothing can quite compare to the sound and joy of live music. That’s why we bring the music into our communities with live performances!

Pet Therapy

Spoiler alert: Our pet therapy sessions don’t just feature cats or dogs. But we love those too! Make some new friends with mini ponies and other exciting animals at our pet therapy sessions. Wouldn’t we all want to hang out with cute animals?

Exciting Bus Trips

Many people might expect to just sit in their comfy armchair and read all day in a retirement home, which isn’t a bad way to spend your time! But our bus trips take our residents to malls, casinos, or scenic local drive tours. Because we all need a change of scenery sometimes!

Discovering a New Love for Fitness

Hobbies aren’t the only thing you’ll discover in our homes. With a wide variety of fitness and exercise classes from Zumba, walking clubs, and even chair-based exercises, you’re bound to find something new to love about staying active

Life is never boring, so retirement homes shouldn’t feel like boring places! That’s why we keep our communities engaged and provide exciting activities you might not expect to see in a retirement home. Plus, our care is tailored to our residents’ wants and needs, so you can start a new club with your fellow residents and get others involved in your favourite hobbies! Make sure you stay updated with our event calendars, so you don’t miss any exciting activities!

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