Trillium’s Best Bites – Trillium Craigdarroch Care Home

On any given day, you’ll find Trillium Craigdarroch Care Home’s chef, Sherwin, cooking up a fabulous masterpiece in the tiny little kitchen that he calls home from Monday to Friday. His passion for food is seen as each plated meal comes out of that kitchen for the 16 Residents that reside at Craigdarroch Care Home. Each meal is something special, something unique and the Residents look forward to these 3 meal times each day. We asked one of our Residents, Phyllis, what she thinks of the food and she smiled and said, “…Each day I gasp at the beautiful plate in front of me and think, I don’t deserve this.” We wanted to share with you an average Tuesday lunch that comes out of the kitchen just so you can have a little insight into how fortunate we are to have such a passionate and talented chef working for us:

What was on the menu? Well, it was BBQ’d pork ribs served with mashed potatoes and seasonal vegetables and dessert was a chocolate mousse. The words don’t do the plate (or taste) justice.

And here are our fabulous cooks, Peace (Left) is our part-time cook who lovingly made the chocolate mousse and Sherwin (Right) is our cook extraordinaire.

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