Tips for Seniors on Staying Active During COVID-19

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It’s likely that COVID-19 has thrown a cramp into your exercise routine. For many, it becomes challenging to get back on track because facilities are still closed, and you may be concerned about your safety. Here are some excellent tips to help seniors stay active during this time that are both safe and fun.




Rediscover your own neighbourhood on a walk around the block, or drive to a new park or trail you haven’t been to before. Your risk of contracting COVID-19 is low outdoors and staying 6 feet away from fellow walkers will reduce the risk even further but you may still want to go out at off-peak times when there are fewer people out walking.

If you’re still nervous about going outside or the weather isn’t great simply spend 10 minutes a day walking around your home. Even marching in place will work. Put on some music or a guilty pleasure TV show to keep yourself entertained.


Online Exercise Videos


If you search online, you’ll find a huge variety of exercise options for all levels which are inexpensive or even free. Find a few you enjoy to rotate through so you won’t get bored and clear out a space to exercise in.

Or maybe you have a video game system such as a Wii Fit — or know someone who can lend you one — and you can have fun while getting fit.


Get Some Exercise Equipment


Perhaps you know someone who is using their treadmill for clothes storage or you see a great sale on an exercise bike. Getting a piece of machinery and putting it where you see it daily will motivate you to get on it and get active.

If you’re not feeling motivated to ride your indoor bike make a pact that you’ll only read a certain magazine or watch a favourite TV show while you work out.




Gardening is a great form of exercise because it keeps your body moving and burns calories. No matter if you have a smaller patio garden or a large backyard garden the act of digging, bending, and pulling weeds will often have calming effects in addition to physical ones. Just remember to wear sunscreen when you’re outside and use proper techniques when bending and pulling.




Put on some music from your youth and dance while you remember the good times. If you have a few friends or family members who are within your safety bubble invite them to join in on the fun. Take it outside and have each person pick a patch of space to dance in to make it even safer.




In addition to getting some exercise to keep your heart healthy, you also need to keep your body loose and limber. Seniors especially should add stretching to their health care routine. Find a video specifically for stretching or just do a few simple stretches upon getting up in the morning or before going to bed.


Find a Supportive Community


Even if you’re not seeing them in person during this time having some friends or family members to check in on your progress and gently remind you to exercise can be helpful. Try to find other seniors with similar health care goals and check in with them via email, phone, or video chat a few times a week — or even daily.

If you live in a retirement community like Trillium Communities, you have a built-in support team! Our staff and the other residents will gladly motivate you and cheer you on, and we actually offer many different classes and activities to keep you active — even during this time. Contact us today for more details about this and the other amenities and health care we offer to seniors when you live in one of our boutique communities.