Why a Sedentary Lifestyle is Dangerous at Any Age

healthy lifestyle

We’ve all heard that being sedentary is dangerous for our health and body. And it’s true! So, it’s essential to shift to a healthy lifestyle, keeping our bodies moving no matter how old you are. But as we age, the risk of severe health issues becomes even higher. Do you still need convincing? Here’s what a sedentary lifestyle can do.


You’ll Lose Muscle Tissue & Flexibility

If you don’t keep moving regularly, you’ll lose muscle tissue, and your muscles won’t be as flexible as they once were. This will make all your tasks — walking, bathing, dressing, and housework — more difficult because your body can’t move as it should, and your muscles will feel weak and sore.

A simple short walk and some gentle flexibility exercise most days of the week are enough to keep your muscles supple.


You’ll Likely Experience Bone Loss

As we age, we become more susceptible to bone loss. And adding in a sedentary lifestyle on top of this means that your bones could become weaker than they should, leading to breaks and other injuries.

Performing some mild-to-moderate strength exercises will help to protect against bone loss. Try some gentle weights or even exercise with your body weight, such as push-ups or squats.


You May Experience Depression

No matter how old or young we are, being active is an excellent way to ward off, or help with, depression. And since depression in older adults is relatively common and serious, staying active is even more critical.

It doesn’t matter if you walk, bike, swim, or do aerobics—get your body moving for 30 minutes every day, if possible.


You’re at a Higher Risk for Diabetes

Not getting enough physical exercise or having a good muscle strength can impede the way our bodies process sugar — especially as we age. When you don’t use your muscles correctly, this could potentially lead to high glucose levels, which can then lead to Type 2 diabetes.

A healthy lifestyle is an excellent countermeasure for diabetes. Go for a short walk after meals and maintain your regular exercise to keep your blood sugar levels stable. Here are some other great ways you can protect yourself against high blood sugar and diabetes.


You’re at Greater Risk for Heart Disease

Not getting enough physical activity can do some serious damage to your heart! Health care providers warn that a lack of physical activity is actually worse for your heart than smoking!

So, although you should quit smoking for the sake of your health, look for ways you can be active every single day. A healthy lifestyle can keep your heart pumping properly, get your blood pressure down, and protect you against issues with your heart.


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