Questions You Should Ask

A care home should be welcoming, supportive and respectful of your loved one’s needs, preferences and choices. When choosing, ensure you’re asking the right questions, beginning with our consolidated list below.

Care & Wellbeing

  • Does the home offer the level of care my loved one needs?
  • How are residents needs and preferences evaluated?
  • Do residents and their families help develop the care plan?
  • Do staff members know the residents by name?
  • Do staff respond quickly to a resident's call for assistance?
  • Does the home offer in-house clinics and partnerships?
  • Does the home have a partnership with a nearby hospital?
  • Is a nurse available 24/7?

Independence & Choices

  • Does the home offer a variety of recreational activities?
  • Are activities personalized to the residents' individual interests?
  • Does the home offer a variety of food choices as part of their culinary program?
  • Does the home have a Residents Council that influences decisions about resident life?
  • Does the home have a Family Council that influences decisions about resident life?
  • Are there private areas for residents to visit with family?
  • Are there safe, secure outdoor areas for residents?

Comfort & Security

  • Can wheelchairs and walkers easily move around the home?
  • Is the interior and exterior of the home clean and well cared for?
  • Are bathrooms conveniently located near bedrooms?
  • When floors are cleaned, are warning signs displayed or areas blocked off?
  • Are there handrails in hallways and stairwells and grab bars in bathrooms?
  • Can residents decorate their rooms with personal items?
  • Do the bedrooms include accessible storage for personal items?

Still have questions?