Older Men’s Health Myths — Debunked!

older mens health

June is Canadian Men’s Health Month, and in honour of this, we’re going to finally debunk some popular men’s health (especially older men’s health!) myths we still hear way too often!


Older Men’s Health Myths 


MYTH: Men Don’t Get Breast Cancer

TRUTH: Although breast cancer is a lot less common in men than in women, men can still develop breast cancer!

All men need to see a doctor if they notice any lumps in the chest or underarm, notice a rash around their nipple, and/or develop swelling in the chest.


MYTH: Wearing Hats Creates Baldness

TRUTH: If your hat is tight, it could cause some friction, leading to some hair breakage at the root, thus creating a bald patch. However, the simple act of wearing a hat will not deprive your scalp of air and develop baldness.


MYTH: All Men Snore

TRUTH: It’s perfectly normal for anyone to snore on occasion — especially older men and women. Snoring can be caused by clogged airways due to colds, flu, allergies, and occasionally even by your sleeping position. But if your partner lets you know that you snore regularly or if you notice yourself waking up gasping for air, you could be suffering from sleep apnea or another sleep condition.

See a doctor who can do some further tests and prescribe medications and/or a small machine that will help you sleep.


MYTH: Men Don’t Need As Much Sleep — Especially As They Get Older

TRUTH: While it’s true that most older people sleep less than they did when they were younger, everyone — both men and women — should make sure they get the sleep needed. Not getting enough sleep can lead to health conditions developing or worsening, accidents, and memory loss.

If you’re noticing you’re waking up tired, feeling sluggish throughout the day, and fall asleep instantly at night, these are all signs you need more sleep. Try adding an additional hour or two to your sleep time and see a doctor if you’re having trouble falling — or staying — asleep regularly.


MYTH: Memory Decline Is Inevitable In Older Men

TRUTH: Some cognitive function can decrease as you get older — in both men and women — but keeping your body moving, eating a healthy diet, continuing to learn and do puzzles or other things that work your brain, and staying social will help you keep your memory issues at bay.


MYTH: Men Don’t Get Osteoporosis

TRUTH: Osteoporosis is more common in women because men typically have more bone density than women do when they’re younger. But by age 70, men and women are actually losing bone mass simultaneously — and the risk of osteoporosis rises for men.

Continue to exercise regularly, include calcium and Vitamin D in your diet, and talk to your doctor about any medications you’re taking that may be leading to rapid bone loss.


MYTH: Men Shouldn’t Get Depressed

TRUTH: Depression is common in anyone — male or female — of any age. In fact, the risk of depression actually rises as you get older.

Eating the right foods, keeping your body moving, staying social, doing activities you enjoy, and discussing your concerns with your health care provider will help decrease the risk of depression.


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