Long-Term Care

Long-Term Care, also known as Complex Care, is at the heart of what we do at Trillium, for residents whose health demands a heightened level of care, unattainable via the mainstream healthcare system. Our nurses provide 24-hour support for long-term residents’ unique health challenges, from falls and immobility to memory loss and dementia.

Our Services

Assisted Bathing

Upon admission to a Trillium home, we document your loved one’s shower or bath preferences. All units are well-equipped with handles and an emergency pull in the showers and bathtubs, and caregivers are available for assisted bathing.

Skin Care

Our caregivers utilize advanced techniques and tools to prevent skin breakdown and protect skin integrity.

Foot & Nail Care

We care for our residents from head to toe, so nail and foot care needs and preferences are documented upon admission. We also offer nail care via our Additional Services.

Hair Care

Hair washing and styling preferences are documented upon admission with a number of our homes featuring in-house salons for an added personal touch. We want our residents looking and feeling their best.

In-House Physicians

If your loved one is without a doctor upon admission, we will provide one for them. Our doctors specialize in gerontology and work in-house to ensure your loved one is always in safe hands.

In-House Pharmacies

For the convenience of our residents, we offer in-house pharmaceutical services. Any medications prescribed by your loved one’s doctor can be filled right from home.

Nutritional Care

We support your loved one’s nutrition and health from a holistic and preventative perspective, catering to their dietary needs, likes and dislikes, and any special requests.

By working with your loved one’s health history and our accommodating kitchens, we can better prevent malnutrition and other ailments arising from a nutrient-deficient diet.


We’re proud to provide a robust activities schedule for our residents, offering them various programs and events to keep their minds and bodies active throughout the changing seasons.

Our activities, groups and programs run the gamut, from arts and crafts, cards and board games to exercise classes, movie matinees and outings. Special interest groups abound, from holiday decorating and sing-a-longs to gardening and flower arranging.

Two of our homes, Douglas Care and St. Charles Manor, also offer an Adult Day Program, a program designed by experienced nurses and therapists for seniors with dementia or disabilities who may need additional attention and social stimulation in their day-to-day lives.


In an effort to free our residents from the responsibility of everyday chores, our staff perform light housekeeping daily and a thorough, floors-to-ceilings clean weekly to ensure your loved one’s space is well cared for and comfortable.


All linens, including bed sheets, pillowcases and towels are provided for our residents, as are in-house laundry services. If your loved one would prefer to use his or her own linens, the housekeeping team will happily accommodate them.


The safety of our residents is central to our care. As such, our homes are equipped with cutting-edge technology to ensure your loved one is safe, even if they are not mobile or cognitively alert.

Calls from residents automatically escalate to alternative caregivers, ensuring all emergencies are responded to within a reasonable time. Furthermore, all doors, elevators and stairwells are password-protected to ensure the safety of residents and visitors coming and going.

Dementia Care

Dementia generally refers to loss of memory and other mental faculties, caused by changes in the brain and severe enough to interfere with your loved one’s everyday life. A number of our homes offer Long-Term Care, a level of care designed for seniors with dementia, Alzheimer’s and other forms of memory loss.

Our Dementia Care program focuses on understanding the stories and intricacies of your loved one’s life so we can help them experience more good days than bad. Dedicated to maintaining the individuality and dignity of all of our Dementia Care residents, our caregivers design personalized care plans and daily activities with multi-sensory experiences to support your loved one’s unique needs, from exercise and outings to music and pet therapy.

Our Long-Term Care Homes