How to Make Senior Living Feel Like Home

decorating a senior living apartment
Moving into a retirement home can feel overwhelming. There’s always a safety and comfort level one feels when living in their own home. It can be emotional to start over again. When moving into senior housing, putting in extra effort to make the place feel like home can go a long way to settling in quicker. Here are our suggestions for decorating a senior living apartment.

Arranging Furniture

Having the furniture in the room set up exactly how you want it is crucial. For example, having your favourite chair or recliner facing a view you enjoy can really help promote feelings of comfort and safety.

For example, if you’re an avid watcher of your favourite morning show, being able to have the TV in front of your recliner is a great way to start the day. If you like to read a book while sipping on a glass of wine in the evening, making sure that your chair and table are placed in an area where you get enough reading light can make things more enjoyable.

Adding Pictures & Memorabilia

Part of declaring a senior living apartment is adding pictures of family and friends in the room. They’re a lovely yet straightforward way to add homey touches. It can give you something to look at during those quiet moments between activities and mealtimes. Having favourite memorabilia around the room, such as souvenirs or awards, can also help make senior accommodation feel more like home.

Put some items of sentimental value on display to bring you boosts of joy. It’s fun to look at the pictures and keepsakes that line your walls or shelves as a way of keeping both loved ones and loved memories close. If you like to make scrapbooks, adding newspaper clippings and other items can help the room feel more personalized.

Using Room Essentials You Already Have

If you’re moving into independent living from your own home, there may be things in your house that you can use in your room at the facility. No need to ditch your favourite blanket, tea, or shampoo. These can make a welcome addition to your new space and help it feel more comfortable and familiar.
Additionally, you may want to consider bringing furniture from home that’s similar in style or look (keeping in mind that space is often limited). For example, if you have a small table or dresser you’ve had for years and can’t bear to part with, see whether your retirement community will allow you to place it in your room.

Bottom Line

Decorating a senior living apartment is all about personal touches. The more personal you can get, the easier it’ll be to ease you a new chapter of your life. As long as you feel comfortable in your surroundings, you can be confident that your new home will give you great opportunities to take on what’s next.

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