How to Make New Friends as a Senior

senior friends

As we grow older, connecting with new people can be challenging. Unlike when we’re in school, working at our first jobs, or connecting with other parents, it gets harder to meet new people once you’re retired. However, there are so many benefits of having healthy friendships — especially as you age. That’s why it’s worth finding some new people you can connect with. But where do you find these people? We’ve got some great ideas for you to try.



Volunteering for an organization you’re passionate about is an excellent way to meet people. You give back and feel great while getting the chance to meet like-minded people you may want to connect with further. Most cities have volunteer databases that allow you to find one-off events or ongoing volunteering opportunities.


Connect With Old Friends

If you’ve lost touch with some people who used to be dear friends due to distance or other life changes, this may be an excellent time to reconnect with them. Facebook and other social media platforms make it easy to find people from your past and send them a message. Or you can pick up the phone or send them an email if their information hasn’t changed over the years.


Join Some Activities

Joining clubs or attending scheduled activities is a great way to find people with similar interests! Look for crafting clubs, exercise classes, walking groups, cooking classes, book groups, or other activities you’re interested in pursuing. You may even consider going back to school! You can attend ongoing activities or clubs to mingle with different people to see who you best connect with.


Get a Dog

If you’re a dog lover, use your pooch to connect with other people who love dogs! Find dog parks in your area and visit them often — if you go at roughly the same time, you’ll likely start to see the same people there. Dogs typically have no trouble making friends with other dogs, allowing you to talk to their owners and plan future meet-ups.


Consider Going Online

Much like with dating, there are online sites and apps for making friends you can use to connect with people who share your interests. Alternatively, you can join some online communities to discuss your hobbies and other interests — which may lead to meeting offline, as well.


Move Into Senior Housing

Living in a retirement community allows you to meet and connect with new people. Joining in activities, outings, fitness classes, and other social events allows you to make meaningful connections with others.


At Trillium Communities, we offer a variety of social events and other ways you can connect with other seniors. Our independent living and assisted living communities are welcoming and friendly, and Trillium works hard to ensure you’re comfortable and happy. Contact us today for more information or a tour of any or all our senior living communities.