How To Help Ensure a Successful Transition From Hospital to Home

Most people aren’t fully recovered by the time they are discharged from hospital, and that recuperation time is critical for your loved one. Hospital-home transitions don’t always go as smoothly as we would hope, but we can make those transitions easier and rehospitalisation preventable.

Here are some of the important steps to take when advocating for your loved one’s transition from hospital to home:

  • Be an active presence in the discharge planning process.
  • Make sure you understand why your loved one was in the hospital.
  • Plan to provide extra help and support to your loved one during the recovery period.
  • Understand what symptoms and signs your loved one should be monitored for, and who to call if you have concerns.
  • Make sure the discharge instructions are clear regarding medications.
  • Prepare the home for your loved one’s recovery or find a suitable environment that will be able to provide the care your loved one requires.
  • Understand what home health services will be provided or the services provided by the nursing home.
  • Make sure follow-up has been arranged with a primary care doctor or other outpatient health provider.

These transitions are rarely easy and it’s important that you know all the important information there is to know in order to provide your loved one with the safest care.

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