Fun Solo Games for Seniors to Play in Isolation

games for seniors

All of us must keep our brains active — especially with this ongoing pandemic. Playing games is a fantastic way to pass the time, have a lot of fun, and work your brain elasticity. Unfortunately, if you live alone and don’t have many — or any — people in your “bubble,” it can be difficult to have a fun games night. Luckily, we’ve got some fun solo games for seniors that can be played even in isolation.


Online Games

There’s no limit to the number of games you’ll find online using your computer or smartphone! And many of them are free or very inexpensive. You can play solo or “against the computer,” or link up with friends and family to play. Go easy with a simple game of checkers, or check out the new variety of games coming out every week!



Doing a picture puzzle can make the time go by quickly — and it feels so rewarding once you’re finished. They get you to concentrate and use your imagination to see which pieces will fit together and which colours go in what section. Start with a 200-piece puzzle and work your way up. Pick ones with scenes that make you smile. You can buy them online from a variety of sources, at local toy stores, or ask friends and family to drop off ones they’re finished with.


Word Puzzles

Another type of puzzle that will put your brain to work is word puzzles. You can find a variety of these to complete online or in small, typically inexpensive books. Word searches, crosswords, and other word games are both fun and challenging.

And you can even go beyond words and try your luck with numbers or logic. Sudoku puzzles and other logic type games are available in the same format and will occupy your mind.



There are many online trivia games as well as boxes and books full of trivia that will allow you to test your knowledge. Tackle the categories you know well or try your luck with those you don’t know much about to expand your knowledge. Just think about the things you’ll learn!


Card Games

Most people have a deck of cards laying around — and you can likely borrow one or order one online for a few dollars if you don’t. There are many variations of Solitaire and other single-player card games for you to check out.


As you can see, there are various games for solo seniors to play to keep their minds active. And if you live in a Trillium Boutique Community, we continue to provide safe activities and games for the residents in our independent living, assisted living, and long-term communities to play — either solo or as a small group. We can also help you get set up to play games online with your friends and family who are unable to visit. Please contact us for more information about our activities or other services we offer.