Fun Activities for Seniors and Caregivers to do this Summer

senior activities

Much like staying warm inside when it’s cold outside, sometimes the hot sun makes people — especially seniors — want to stay inside, too. While seniors need to take some precautions to avoid getting heatstroke, it’s essential to get outside regularly to get some much-needed fresh air and Vitamin D. If the forecast is for sweltering weather, take advantage of the cooler hours first thing in the morning or in the evening to get outside. We’ve found a few excellent ways seniors and their caregivers can get outside this summer.


Be a Tourist

Visit some popular sites in and around your town this summer! There are likely a few places you’ve never been or haven’t been to in a while. And, of course, it’s always great to revisit some favourite spots. Look up tourism sites for your town to get some ideas of places to check out.


Watch Outdoor Sporting Events

Check the schedules of local arenas, baseball fields, tennis courts, or any other type of sports you have in your city and take in a game. Even catching a few little league games can be fun! And as a bonus, those parks usually have delicious concessions, so you can pick up a ballpark hot dog.


Wade in the Water

A great way to keep cool on a hot day is to head to the ocean or a nearby lake. Swimming is a great way to get in some exercise but even simply taking off your shoes and letting the waves flow over your feet will cool you down — plus, it feels great to connect to nature this way.


Picnic in the Park

Pack a lunch or grab your favourite take-out and hit up a local park for a picnic. Check municipal websites for parks with picnic tables if there are any mobility issues. However, if you can get right down on the grass, that’s even better. Explore parks and green spaces you haven’t been to before — then revisit your favourites.


Attend Outdoor Events

Most communities offer weekly farmers markets, live music events, art shows, car shows, and various other outdoor events throughout the summer. Look for different types of music and art than you’re usually drawn to because you may find something new to love. And don’t be afraid to chat with the artists and farmers to learn about other local events they may know of.


Find the Best Ice Cream

Summer days are the perfect time to eat an ice cream cone! Google local ice cream shops in your town and make a list of ones to try. Hit up a different place each week and vote on the best one at the end of the summer.

If ice cream isn’t an option, look for the best flavoured iced tea, doughnut, or another favourite treat.


At Trillium Communities, we love making the best of summertime! We offer our residents plenty of activities on and off-site to help celebrate summer and have some fun while protecting them against extreme heat and heat stroke. Please contact us with any questions about our activities or anything else you’d like to know about our senior housing.