Admissions Approach

When you choose a Trillium home, you’re choosing our approach to care, which extends beyond your loved one. We’re here to ease both your loved one and you through the transition, ensuring the process is as simple and manageable as possible. Here’s what you can expect when you choose a Trillium home.


1. Tell us about your loved one

Whether you first connect with us via phone or email, we will inquire about your loved one, from their health to their personality. We like you to paint a picture for us, so we better understand their preferences and needs, your experiences as their caregiver, and where they would feel most at home.


2. Hear our recommendations

We know our communities best because they’re our home away from home, which helps us make informed, trusted recommendations for where your loved one would feel most comfortable and at home.


3. Tour the communities

We encourage you and your loved one to tour the homes we recommend and experience the communities for yourselves. We’ll be there to greet you and answer all of your questions. We want you to get a feel for the home, so we’ll show you every nook and cranny, from the rooms to the outdoor havens and amenities.


4. Choose a community

After you’ve chosen a community, we will iron out the intake logistics with you, from scheduling a move-in date to coordinating a physician if your loved one is without one. We’ll address all of the details like whether or not your loved one would like their room furnished and how to prepare for and respond to resistance.


5. Move in

We welcome all of our residents with a gift in their rooms, and we do our best to help them settle in comfortably. And, to ensure their ongoing comfort, we meet with you, your loved one and their physician every few months to reevaluate their care plan and review how they’re adapting to life in their new home.

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